Case Study

Leonardo Monte Razo

Plastic surgeon

Fluminense Federal University Professor

Coordinator of the Plastic Surgery Service at Hospital Rios Dor


The prevalence of complex wounds is directly associated with trauma in large urban centers and the aging of the general population. They have received more and more attention from health managers, concerned about the impact on institutional costs, and from health professionals related to the treatment of this entity, such as doctors and nurses, who are looking for technological alternatives every day, aiming at a faster recovery of their health. patient.

Complex wounds increase morbidity and mortality rates, increase overall treatment costs and lead to longer hospital stays. In this context, it is mandatory that the surgeon has knowledge and access to alternatives and technologies that can accelerate the healing process, reducing complications and length of stay.

For this purpose, instillation negative pressure therapy is an important adjunctive method for treating this type of wound, especially those with associated infection and necrosis, promoting a faster and more efficient repair process.

Case report

Patient R.A.T.S., 55 years old, 1.65 height, 78 kg weight, victim of a boat propeller accident, occurred on May 20, 2017, with severe and extensive injury to the anterior aspect of the left leg.

Initially treated at a hospital unit, being transferred to the Rios Dor Hospital on 06/05/2017, where he was admitted with a large infected wound, with dimensions of 24x 22x 4 cm on the left anterior thigh, presenting necrotic tissue in all its extension.

Immediate surgical treatment was initiated, with surgical debridement and a Vera Flo negative pressure bandage installation until day 40 with the option to perform the ready-to-use instillation process, with a volume of approximately 47 cc, with immersion time. 3 minutes, with an interval of 10 minutes each cycle.

Vera flo dressing changes were made every 5 days on average.

From D40, the conventional negative pressure bandage was used until day 63 (seventh day after partial skin graft placement).

He was discharged on 08/23/2017, totaling hospitalization time of 79 days. 

I, Leonardo Monte Razo, declare that I have an academic, personal and commercial conflict of interest regarding the work submitted, described as case report.

November 1, 2019.