Case Study

Application for the V.A.C. Veraflow-TM Therapy case study competition 2019

Authors: Dinko Salinovic M.D., Resident at the Department of General Surgery; Martin Waldner M.D., Senior
Surgeon at the Department of General Surgery (Mentor); DDr. med. Walther Tabarelli, Head of the Department
of General Surgery

It is a pleasure to take part in Your case study competition. In the past we have had excellent experiences with Your Veraflow-System and would like to share an interesting case with You.

The case involves a 21-year-old patient who developed a large abscess on the left thigh after repetitive injection of Heroin. An intravenous antibiotic therapy with Co Amoxicillin was started. The intraoperative finding (as shown in picture 1 below) showed an abscess, which extended ventrally over the whole thigh and already damaged the m. quadriceps fascia. The abscess was drained and necrotic tissue was removed. At the end of the surgery, the V.A.C. Veraflow-System was applied. The microbiological samples of the pus showed an infection with E. coli, Staph. aureus and Streptococceae, which all were sensible to Co Amoxicillin. On the 3rd
postoperative day the system was changed and reapplied. On the 6th postoperative day the intraoperative findings showed great improvement of the wound healing that we could secondarily close the wound with sutures. In the following days, there were no complications and the sutures were removed 2 weeks postoperatively after normal wound healing.

Even though You suggested to send You every day cases, we were nevertheless forced to sent You this a little
bit more complicated but very interesting case, because we firmly believe, that just because of the use of Your
Veraflow-System, we had such a great result and that after only a few days. With the usage of conventional
systems it would have surely taken longer for the definitive wound healing to occur with many possible
In the end, we would like to notice that we have no conflict of interest.

Picture 1